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Richard“Selling is like breathing. When done well, it is easy and natural, and no one even notices it is happening.” -R. Abraham

Richard Abraham is a speaker, writer and consultant widely sought after by many Fortune 500 companies. When not consulting or writing his syndicated column, Mr. Abraham conducts workshops and seminars and speaks on the topics of relationship selling and maximizing the sales encounter.

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MrShmoozeMr. Shmooze: The Art and Science of Selling Through Relationships

Mr. Shmooze is the story of a man who reveals the secret shared by all superstar salespeople. Selling, in its most exquisite form, is not about “taking,” nor is it about “persuading.” Selling, believe it or not, is about “giving.”

Mr. Shmooze gives for a living. He starts by listening and he quickly comes to understand what people really need, not just in business, but in life itself.

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Recent Articles


Change . . . Or Get Sacked!

I was reading the Super Bowl post analysis and something caught my eye.  Some members of the Denver defense said that in watching the Carolina films, for the two weeks prior to the game, they saw some patterns they thought they could exploit, and they adjusted their defensive strategy accordingly (basically blitzing on almost every play).
They were not sure it would work if Carolina shifted to a different approach, but the Denver defense was, in their words, “shocked” (and delighted) that Carolina just kept coming at them the same way, play after play, exactly as they has seen it on film, for the whole game.
“Shooting fish in a barrel” said one player. “We knew exactly what was coming and they never changed . . . must have been brutal from the other side.”
As salespeople, we can learn something from this.  Read more »


Wait for It

I recently saw something on television that I sometimes run into as a salesperson. A celebrity was being interviewed but rather than rattle off quick answers, he paused for a moment to process the question, then gave a thoughtful answer.
The trouble was that the hyper talk show host could not stand the downtime and began interrupting and talking over him, until the guest pretty much shut down. It was not a very fulfilling conversation for either of them, or for the audience for that matter. Read more »


Authenticity: The Key to Sustaining Relationships

We have a lot of fun in this column finding interesting ways to communicate, to stand out and to turn heads from our competitors. Selling, at its best, is a great sport and a wonderfully challenging and invigorating way to make a living. But it is also important to remind ourselves from time to time that nothing sells better, over time, than honesty and authenticity. Read more »


Body Language – Deeply Wired Secret to Communicating with Others

I recently watched a TED talk and was reminded again about the importance of body language in communications. Studies continue to confirm that body language is even more important than speaking in terms of the perceptions we have of each other, and that we form and trust those impressions amazingly fast . . . often in milliseconds. So as salespeople, that means we can have developed and delivered the most elegant presentation ever, but if we have not passed the body language test, it will likely fall on deaf ears. Read more »


What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Selling

I have to admit it . . . I joined the legions of people over the past few weeks that went to see Star Wars. You know, an entertaining movie can teach us a lot about communications and selling.

For example:


  • When people experience a movie they enjoy, they don’t stop thinking and talking about it when the movie ends. The movie and story get into their heads, and they keep thinking and talking about it long after the event.

Read more »



Happy New Year Everyone! January is a great month as we all come out running and gunning into the New Year.

Part of the New Year tradition involves setting goals and making resolutions. If there is one thing I would advise each of you to embrace and elevate in 2016, it would be developing what I call the “ACTION” habit. Here is what I mean. Read more »


Happy Holidays From Mr. Shmooze!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Just a quick note this week to wish everyone a great Holiday Season and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


We All KNOW This. The Best of the Best DO it…Relentlessly.

Two salespeople compete with each other selling similar products. Each one has been invited to make a presentation to the decision maker. Both salespeople are excellent presenters. Both products are of equal quality. The price is very close.

Salesperson A has not kept in personal contact with the buyer beyond some auto-marketing that his company sends out.

Salesperson B has developed a personal communication plan which called for keeping in touch each quarter, being alerted for articles and information he might send along to help his buyer’s cause and, of course, he met the buyer for lunch over the past year or so, actually introducing the buyer at that lunch to someone the buyer could do some business with.

Who do you think is going to get the order? Read more »


The Risk and Cost of NOT Buying

One of the toughest hurdles we often face as salespeople is when a buyer is afraid to make a decision. Such buyers are often extremely uncomfortable with change, or with making a mistake, and they assign disproportionate risk to the buying decision without calculating the risk of maintaining the status quo. Read more »


Thanksgiving Sales Tip

Here is a simple but profound sales tip this week. Thanksgiving is a great time to personally reach out and thank your clients. Here is an example of a note to send around: Read more »


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