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Richard“Selling is like breathing. When done well, it is easy and natural, and no one even notices it is happening.” -R. Abraham

Richard Abraham is a speaker, writer and consultant widely sought after by many Fortune 500 companies. When not consulting or writing his syndicated column, Mr. Abraham conducts workshops and seminars and speaks on the topics of relationship selling and maximizing the sales encounter.

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MrShmoozeMr. Shmooze: The Art and Science of Selling Through Relationships

Mr. Shmooze is the story of a man who reveals the secret shared by all superstar salespeople. Selling, in its most exquisite form, is not about “taking,” nor is it about “persuading.” Selling, believe it or not, is about “giving.”

Mr. Shmooze gives for a living. He starts by listening and he quickly comes to understand what people really need, not just in business, but in life itself.

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Recent Articles


Fear. The Salesperson’s Friend.

Several years ago, at the University of Chicago, we conducted a test of high performance salespeople to see if we could identify some common characteristics and behavior. One of the more interesting elements that came up was “fear,” as in fear of failure. Read more »


Three Minutes and I will Never Forget Her!

We spend a lot of time talking about “emotional connectivity” and how the world’s great communicators and salespeople are often able to touch other people emotionally, consistently raising their moods when they touch them. We also know that many studies have shown that emotions are contagious, and that the person with more positivity and energy is likely to raise the mood of someone who is in a neutral to negative state. People who can raise other peoples’ moods are very special. They are held in very high esteem in our culture whether in entertainment (picture Jon Stewart or Oprah) in business and in our personal lives.


I always like to stop and appreciate such gifted people and soak up their positive energy because they are so invigorating, and you never know when they are going to pop up . . . could be a new friend or a waiter or even a cashier. But last week I ran across someone who reinforced this dynamic more quickly and more powerfully than I have experienced in years. So I want to share this story . . . a little longer than usual but hang in there with me. Read more »


K.I.S.S. to S.M.M.M.

Most of us are familiar with K.I.S.S. . . .”Keep It Simple Stupid.” Put a bit more delicately, it is usually much more effective to communicate and support one or two compelling points, particularly when selling, than to roll out every feature and benefit in our tool kit.

Elementary, right? You would be surprised how eager many salespeople are to run through the entire gamut of neat stuff they have to offer. Why not? They are proud of their product and services and they want to make sure they don’t miss anything. Read more »


Time Really is Money! How Great Salespeople Leverage the Often Hidden Power of Saving a Client Time

As salespeople, we are usually selling our product or service into the context of a larger process. Say, for example, we are a realtor who wants to represent a home buyer. All of our competitors are going to come in with the same commission cost. And all of our competitors are going to say they are experienced in the market and know how to negotiate the best deal. But as most of us know, there is a lot more to buying a house than that. Read more »


Understanding Your Customer’s “Father-Figure Impact”

After you have gotten to know your customers well enough, a great way to gain even more insight relative to their value systems and psychology is to ask how they grew up and, specifically, about their fathers. (A non-threatening way to broach the subject is to first offer a little insight about your own upbringing and your Dad’s role therein.)

The reason this is so interesting is because fathers often set the achievement blueprint in people’s minds relative to business, that is, what constitutes proper business behavior and success, also often setting the tone for how people want to be treated. Read more »


Unplug, Refresh, Grow Stronger!

August is a classic vacation month for many families. The kids are done with summer sports and everybody piles into the car for the lake. Unfortunately, these days, two other bits of equipment inevitably join the trip . . . our cell phones and our computers. That’s OK, unless . . . we really keep working all the time.
Read more »


Closing With an “Ace in the Hole”

As most of you who have been selling awhile know, a prospect often wants to say yes, but needs just a little more encouragement to make a final commitment.

A great technique for the final push over the goal line is to pull out an “extra” benefit right before asking for the order. Here is an example. Read more »


Selling in a Digital World

Well there is no question about it: the Internet is swallowing the universe. I just read yesterday that a group of scientists are warning that we need to begin planning on how to control artificial intelligence in weapons systems or the weapons may turn on us . . . can the Terminator or the Matrix be far behind? And will this brave new world even need salespeople . . . to buy real estate, cars or insurance? Read more »


Mentoring vs. Management Feedback

We received some great feedback last week to our questions about management vs. mentoring.

We asked salespeople, “If you could ask your company for one resource that would help you sell more/better tomorrow, what would it be?”

The responses to this question concentrated on a number of different topics. Read more »


Mentoring vs. Managing (Continued)

We had an unusually strong response to last week’s column when we suggested the difference between mentoring, which is guiding salespeople toward their highest potential with innovation, ideas and wisdom, versus more clinical sales management, where goals are set and salespeople are basically pushed to hit them on their own. Naturally the salespeople who read our column appreciated the nuance, but even many sales managers commented that the best management approach combines both mentoring and structure.

Anyway, this week we thought it might be interesting if we took a poll which might result in some good information for anyone interested in selling through relationships.

So here are our questions: Read more »


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