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Richard“Selling is like breathing. When done well, it is easy and natural, and no one even notices it is happening.” -R. Abraham

Richard Abraham is a speaker, writer and consultant widely sought after by many Fortune 500 companies. When not consulting or writing his syndicated column, Mr. Abraham conducts workshops and seminars and speaks on the topics of relationship selling and maximizing the sales encounter.

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MrShmoozeMr. Shmooze: The Art and Science of Selling Through Relationships

Mr. Shmooze is the story of a man who reveals the secret shared by all superstar salespeople. Selling, in its most exquisite form, is not about “taking,” nor is it about “persuading.” Selling, believe it or not, is about “giving.”

Mr. Shmooze gives for a living. He starts by listening and he quickly comes to understand what people really need, not just in business, but in life itself.

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Recent Articles


Thanksgiving Sales Tip

Here is a simple but profound sales tip this week. Thanksgiving is a great time to personally reach out and thank your clients. Here is an example of a note to send around: Read more »


A Sales Lesson from Political Campaigns

The political season is always a great time for us as marketers and salespeople to see how the various teams try to “sell” their candidates and how the candidates try to sell themselves. We see all sorts of approaches, some of them laughingly transparent, but it is a great learning opportunity nevertheless. It is still early in the election cycle, but we can already learn one lesson about communicating in the process of developing relationships. And that is . . . we must be consistent and authentic. Read more »


Are We Raising Peoples’ Spirits? A Powerful Lesson in Communications and Emotional Leadership

For some reason several new books have recently been published about the man many historians consider to be one of the most charismatic people of all time, Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR). Of course his strategy and politics are open to healthy debate, but hardly anyone disagrees that his personality and will were extraordinary. Even Winston Churchill described FDR as “the greatest man I ever met.”

So what does this have to do with the art and science of selling through relationships? Let’s focus for a minute on one attribute that does indeed apply to our ongoing theme . . . his ability to lift others’ spirits. Read more »


Finding the Balance

We can learn so much about selling from our day-to-day lives. Take waiters and waitresses at restaurants for example. We can experience quite a range of services:

  • Simply not well trained. This is the person who has not been trained or mentored well. He/she has no sense of timing, does not check in and often simply disappears for long periods of time, etc. People who are sent into the “field” without good training can lose customers, and the restaurant owner (or us as business owners) may never know what happened.


  • Probably had some training but is rough around the edges. This is the waiter or waitress who butts into conversations and does not listen well. He is checking in and doing what he has been told to do, but with a lack of maturity or grace. He has been trained, but not mentored by a real pro, a big difference.

  •   Read more »


The World’s Best Salespeople are also the World’s Best Time Managers

I have worked with great salespeople at all levels all over the world. Some of them generate high six-figure and seven-figure incomes. Here is what all of these superstars have in common . . . they have a keen sense of the value of their time and they do a ferocious job of managing it very, very well.


Now you may say that you do not have the resources they use to manage time, but many of them did not at the beginning either. In any case, some of the principles they follow can apply to anyone who gets paid for producing.


5 Tips for Time Management Read more »


Treat Everyone Like He/She is the CEO

Two quick stories:

I was managing a new office building at the beginning of my career.  A major tenant was moving in that night and I always stayed around for big moves.  I had changed into my jeans and was sitting with my head janitor when two flustered men came storming in to our building office. We figured they were part of the moving crew. They literally started hollering at us.

“We left our keys behind!  We need keys and we need them now!  We don’t have any keys!” Read more »


Trial Closing

A core element of a number of well-respected training programs is something called the trial close. In effect, a trial close tests the prospect’s commitment to the sale prior to absolutely asking for the order.

Let’s say we are selling an investment product. After walking through the discussion, we might stop and ask something like . . . Read more »


Fear. The Salesperson’s Friend.

Several years ago, at the University of Chicago, we conducted a test of high performance salespeople to see if we could identify some common characteristics and behavior. One of the more interesting elements that came up was “fear,” as in fear of failure. Read more »


Three Minutes and I will Never Forget Her!

We spend a lot of time talking about “emotional connectivity” and how the world’s great communicators and salespeople are often able to touch other people emotionally, consistently raising their moods when they touch them. We also know that many studies have shown that emotions are contagious, and that the person with more positivity and energy is likely to raise the mood of someone who is in a neutral to negative state. People who can raise other peoples’ moods are very special. They are held in very high esteem in our culture whether in entertainment (picture Jon Stewart or Oprah) in business and in our personal lives.


I always like to stop and appreciate such gifted people and soak up their positive energy because they are so invigorating, and you never know when they are going to pop up . . . could be a new friend or a waiter or even a cashier. But last week I ran across someone who reinforced this dynamic more quickly and more powerfully than I have experienced in years. So I want to share this story . . . a little longer than usual but hang in there with me. Read more »


K.I.S.S. to S.M.M.M.

Most of us are familiar with K.I.S.S. . . .”Keep It Simple Stupid.” Put a bit more delicately, it is usually much more effective to communicate and support one or two compelling points, particularly when selling, than to roll out every feature and benefit in our tool kit.

Elementary, right? You would be surprised how eager many salespeople are to run through the entire gamut of neat stuff they have to offer. Why not? They are proud of their product and services and they want to make sure they don’t miss anything. Read more »


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