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Death by PowerPoint! (cont.)

OK, so if you read last week’s column, I talked about being careful not to drag an audio guy through a visual presentation (or vice versa). We need to figure out how our clients like to be presented to before imposing a one size fits all format.

But now let’s assume that we DO have a visual person on our hands and he has INVITED us to show our deck. That is great, so long as we DON’T do the following (which, unfortunately, I see time after time):  Read more »


PowerPoint- Don’t Miss the Point

I sat through another deadly boring PowerPoint presentation yesterday. It’s getting so that when I see one coming I almost start to feel nauseous. So you probably think I hate PowerPoint presentations, right? No, I just hate BAD PowerPoint presentations AND PowerPoint Presentations that are imposed upon me whether I like it or not. Let’s talk about this second point for a minute.

You see, I am not a visual guy. I am an audio guy. I like to talk to people, not look at slides and graphs. Pretty basic, huh? But how many salespeople, who have come to me over the years, bother to try to figure that out in advance? Maybe, oh, 1%, and of course those people almost always close me because I am so impressed that they respect me enough and have done their homework to be sure the meeting is satisfying to ME, the buyer, not THEM, the sellers. So while most salespeople are having a great time putting on their shows, I am dying a thousand deaths . . . “please be the last slide . . . PLEASE!”  Read more »


The Reluctant Prospect

There is a certain kind of buyer… we all know him/her…  who just cannot pull the trigger when it comes to closing. He keeps delaying, or analyzing or just scheduling meeting after meeting. This is very tough on us as salespeople because sometimes it feels like we are close, only to be delayed again, so we never really know if we have a real prospect or not, but we keep trying.

In these cases, you may be dealing with a prospect who is paralyzed by fear… generally the fear of making a mistake. These people feel great emotional pain when they get something wrong, and they try to avoid that pain at all costs. So they defer decisions, not just with you but in many areas of their lives, and they actually prefer the stress of carrying a lot of ambiguity over taking what they perceive as a chance. Read more »