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Hello everybody,

Our next column entitled “Yessssss!” follows directly. But this week we also wanted to make you aware of a parallel column we are now writing each week for business owners and managers responsible for recruiting, training and deploying salespeople. It is co-written by our chief psychologist Dr. Christopher Croner and focuses on assessment and interviewing research and techniques, as well as some of the deeper psychology behind the selection and development of successful salespeople. If you are interested, click here to check it out and to sign up if you are so inclined.

Now . . . Back to the Art & Science of Selling Through Relationships!


Every meeting and every phone call you make to a prospect must end with a call to action or you have virtually wasted the call. Remember, in this case we are talking about prospects, not current clients, so this requires a different mindset . . . one designed to advance the relationship toward the first transaction, and that means being proactive and focused.  Read more »


The Moment of Truth

Ah, the “close.”  The moment of time in the selling cycle when the transaction is agreed upon, when buyer and seller come together and the commitment is actually made to move forward, together, with the deal. In this context, I am not talking about the mechanics of the close, like a formal real estate closing after the decision to buy/sell has been made earlier. I am talking about the moment of truth when a buyer makes the emotional leap and decides to buy . . . the real essence of the transactional process. In that context, I want to mention a specific communications technique that can work very well at that moment . . . validation and reassurance. Let’s use an automobile transaction as an example.  Read more »


Getting the “Special” Treatment

So I had a clogged drain in the kitchen recently. I tried a few of the usual remedies that never work, like liquid drain stuff and then I relented and called a plumber. Actually, not a plumber . . . that would be unfair to guys I really respect. I called one of those national companies that specifically address blockages. You know, the crackerjack order intake system, “The ‘specialist’ will be there between 10 and 12 and will call you first,” so I sat down, switched on a ballgame and waited. Sure enough the call came in and the “specialist” showed up. He fished around a little and said, “That is a deep clog . . . my estimate for the work is $400.”  Read more »


Talking Over the Customer. Interrupts Intimacy . . . and the Sale.

So you are in a nice restaurant and deep into a conversation with your friend(s) and the waiter comes over and interrupts you, blurting out, “How is everything?” or “Can I get you anything else?” It’s OK once, but when it happens twice, or three times, you really have to ask yourself why the restaurant would not simply take a little extra time to train their staff to come up to the table, wait to make eye contact and see if the people want to be spoken to or not at that moment.

On the phone with a service provider? It usually starts with them asking you to repeat the same information you gave earlier to the computerized prompt, then a script and finally getting to the point. And then, all too often, the serviceperson on the phone, again, interrupts and talks over us, often with a time delay from a remote location.  Read more »