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Specialty Power

As we all know, the medical profession has changed over the years from the days when a country doctor tried to cover all the bases to there now being “specialists” for everything ranging from pediatrics to heart, from orthopedics to ear, nose and throat. This evolution occurred to meet the demands of a market which is always seeking better service, benefits and results when it comes to health care. That same market dynamic is in play in sales. Read more »


People are Desperate for Different

I like to tell the following story at my workshops.

There is a fellow who specializes in helping elementary school teachers develop techniques to engage their students.  He is very creative and slightly outrageous to emphasize a point I will get to in a minute.

Anyway, when a school hires him, he makes sure he schedules his visit so that he shows up during recess when all the kids are outside. Then, he pulls up in his van . . . but not just any van. HIS van is decorated with big dinosaurs . . . Pterodactyls and T-Rex’s that are attached and extend beyond the roof line like big puzzle pieces. So what do you think the reaction is when he pulls up?  Read more »


The #1 Reason Customers Change Service Providers! (And what you can do—personally—to prevent it)

Here is the question of the day:  “What do you think is the #1 reason customers change service providers?”

All together now, 1 . . . 2  . . . 3 . . . PRICE!

Right?  WRONG!

I am not trying to dismiss the price issue with all the salespeople out there who get beat up every day over price. There is no denying price is huge and some buyers, particularly professional procurement officers, use price as the main driver of their decisions.  But that is not the #1 answer, particularly among buyers who are purchasing services to go along with the products.  Read more »


Double Your Success Rate!

That’s Right . . . I said DOUBLE! Let’s talk about the raw power of the “Reciprocity Principal.”

Someone said that the simplest ideas are the best ideas. So here is one that is so basic, I almost hate to bring it up to the professionals who read my column. And YET . . . we can all use some positive reinforcement from time to time.

So check out the difference between a scenario orchestrated by a salesperson who doesn’t work the Mr. Shmooze philosophy and, later, how Mr. Shmooze would set up the same call.  Read more »