Specialty Power

As we all know, the medical profession has changed over the years from the days when a country doctor tried to cover all the bases to there now being “specialists” for everything ranging from pediatrics to heart, from orthopedics to ear, nose and throat. This evolution occurred to meet the demands of a market which is always seeking better service, benefits and results when it comes to health care. That same market dynamic is in play in sales.

It is one thing to say,

“I am a (general) real estate broker who can handle any transaction in my industry.” 

It is quite another thing to say,

“I am an absolute expert on the Buckhead sub-market in Atlanta. I know every broker there personally and I know the details of every transaction that occurs there. If you are interested in Buckhead, I can absolutely provide you the most accurate information and best negotiating leverage in that market.”

This week, think of a way(s) you can further define yourself as a “specialist.”  In our workshops, we have never run into a case in which the opportunity is not there to do so. You do not have to use this power every time, that is you do not have to limit yourself when it is not relevant to a particular situation, but try to have a well-supported specialist presentation available when you need it.

Keep the medical analogy in mind for inspiration. When someone in your family gets sick . . . say with a heart issue . . . you immediately begin to look for a cardiologist. Your prospects and clients do the same thing when it comes to their business needs, looking for service providers who also carry the power and abilities of a true specialist.

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