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“The Customer is Always Right” . . . Right?

“The Customer is Always Right.”  It is a saying that has been around forever so it must have some truth behind it, and it does. Basically, if the customer is not satisfied, it is a pretty good bet that we are not meeting his/her expectations, so it’s then up to us as sellers to rise to that occasion or give up the business. But life and business are not quite that black and white.  What I want to talk about today are situations in which a customer is moving beyond reasonable boundaries, and what we, as salespeople/advisors, need to consider doing about it.  Read more »


“Know-It-All” Buyer? Here is How to Make His Ego Work for You

We all know a few blow hards . . . you know, the guys and gals who grab the proverbial microphone and never share it.  They want to tell you how much more they know than we do about, well, everything.   And hey, we can tolerate anything for a few minutes at a dinner party, but what if one of these “experts” on everything happens to be a prospect, we are trying to do a transaction with, and he/she will not give us a chance to engage?  Here is a great way to close a big ego. Read more »


Maintaining Emotional Momentum

In today’s hyper “efficient” and often fragmented stream of sales and customer service, I have been shocked several times recently by how abrupt the drop off can be between the enthusiasm of the original salesperson and the communication that follows after the deal is closed. Part of this comes down to the M.O. of the individual salesperson, but often, as a culture and a rule, companies are frontloading the sales process with all sorts of investment, time and energy, but once they have the fish in the boat, it’s on to the next sale.  Read more »


Real Value

If you have been in sales for a while, you know that the past few years have been especially challenging. Buyers are still remembering the financial crisis of 2007/2008 and are very wary of building up fixed costs to pre-crisis levels. Meanwhile, companies are finding ever more ways to cut costs with technology and if you happen to be selling into a cost cutting situation, now, more than ever, you are going to need to prove the value.  Read more »