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Most of us would agree that serving others is our highest calling as human beings.  Service lies at the core of many philosophical value systems, and certainly obvious service work ranging from the medical profession, at its finest, to first responders, for example, is held in high esteem.  Read more »


The Words We Love to Hear

We are going to start our weekly column in a moment, but we wanted to quickly direct you to something new we are doing if you have an interest.

One of our companies, SalesDrive, has developed a very powerful assessment program to help determine core potential in salespeople. It is an online sales assessment and is becoming very popular with companies who include it in their recruiting and interviewing processes.  For the first time, we are drawing in co-promoters that can help us bring this process to new clients.  This is primarily a referral program so the actual work is minimal and the potential profits are high . . . $100,000 per affiliate is the target.  If you have any interest in understanding more, please click here for details.  Now, back to the column . . .

The Words We Love to Hear

You are probably way ahead of us, but what do you think are the words that get our attention the fastest and we like to hear most? You’ve got it . . . our own names. Let’s face it, we all have egos and we are conditioned to pay attention when someone says, “Hey Bill!” Or, “Mary, can you check this?” Sounds simple and basic, but this can actually be a big deal when you are in the process of communicating or presenting to a client.   Read more »


Budget Season – Golden Opportunity to Engage

Moving into the Fall selling season, you will probably encounter a number of buyers who are working on their 2014 budgets.  Depending upon your relationship with the buyer, often a great way to enhance your relationship is to offer to help him/her with the process.  Read more »