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Storytelling and Why It’s Important to Sales

Anytime we get the chance to turn data or information into a personalized story, we should do so. Stories light up the buyer’s imagination and the emotional part of his mind where the buying decision is made. Litigators understand this turbo-power and are trained to be master storytellers, including lots of detail and dramatic pauses, because they know that juries relate much more to stories than just plain case presentation. Most good stories have three parts . . . a compelling opening to grab attention, a solid middle with lots of detail and a climatic ending that solves the problem and leaves the listener satisfied. Read more »


Why “I’m Just Checking In” Can Be a Counterproductive Sales Touch

Over the years, I have received a lot of calls from salespeople who say, “Hey Richard . . . how are you . . . I’m just checking in to see if you need anything.”   Those calls are no doubt prompted by a CRM system in which their prospects and clients are plugged in for periodic follow ups, and often the sales managers are monitoring the system to make sure their salespeople are making those calls. Here is the problem . . . Read more »


Blunt Rejection? Thank the Prospect

We all know sales can be a rough and tumble game, and rejection is a constant part of the program. But even some of the most battle-hardened veterans I know, fear the especially tough customer or prospect . . . you know . . . the guy or gal who says “no” with extra conviction.

Actually, I like these kinds of buyers because they give me an important gift when they make decisions and get to the point . . . Read more »


Always be on Alert!

So I have a quick Mr. Shmooze story for you . . .

A few years ago I was meeting one of the best relationship salespeople I have ever known for lunch.  I was a little early so I stopped across the street at a bookstore and picked up an autobiography of Joe Frazier, since I like boxing.  The time passed and I met my friend, a fellow sports fan, for lunch.  I told him about the book and we had fun reminiscing about some of the great matches we had seen. Read more »