Always be on Alert!

So I have a quick Mr. Shmooze story for you . . .

A few years ago I was meeting one of the best relationship salespeople I have ever known for lunch.  I was a little early so I stopped across the street at a bookstore and picked up an autobiography of Joe Frazier, since I like boxing.  The time passed and I met my friend, a fellow sports fan, for lunch.  I told him about the book and we had fun reminiscing about some of the great matches we had seen.

We finished lunch and I walked back to the office.  Guess what was sitting on my desk?  Yep, the autobiography of Joe Frazier.  The only thing I could figure out was that when I had excused myself to go to the restroom, he must have phoned his secretary, who had run over, picked it up and brought it to my office. I mean . . . how cool is that?!

I like this scenario in the context of what we teach because it hits several hot buttons.  First, my friend was obviously listening and engaging.  Second, he was thoughtful about following up with the book.  Third, he “elevated” the gesture by having it sent over to me so fast.  Finally, he created a memory I will never forget for the grand total of maybe $18.

That is the whole point of Mr. Shmooze.  It does not have to be about the money, or ultra-dramatic, or over the top.  It is about relating and acting . . . and always being alert for an opportunity to create a special moment that make the great ones stand out!

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