Mr. Shmooze in Hong Kong

Mr. Shmooze is in Hong Kong this week on a speaking engagement, so I am taking advantage of the trip to observe Shmooze-related ideas and applications in this exciting part of the world.  Here is one big thing that jumps out immediately . . . service ethic . . . at least in the business district and big hotels.

You know in the U.S. when you run into (too often) someone at a front desk or on the phone who obviously does not like his or her job anymore and it comes out in his tone of voice, or through his attitude, that we are imposing by asking for service? That does not happen here.  Everyone I have met so far is super-eager to help with high energy, attentiveness and sincerity.  The feeling you get as a visitor is that people are very happy to be working and appreciate the prosperity that has developed and is growing fast in the region. They are excited and they show it!

That does not bode well for us long term in terms of competing.  Maybe things will change over time as people come back down to earth from the artificial prosperity of the debt-fueled economy prior to the crash, and people will again put their hearts into jobs they will be happy to have, but we’ll see.  In the meantime, service, and organic shmoozing, as we define it (positive, friendly and natural) is alive and thriving in one of the most exciting cities on earth!

Check out the service energy at your companies this week.  If it is even close to what I am experiencing here, you will stand out mightily from your domestic competitors!

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