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The Action Reflex

As I make the rounds to various companies, I am often asked what the single biggest difference is that I see between ultra-successful salespeople (and business people in general) and the rest of the competitive set. My answer is something I call “The Action Reflex.” Here is what I mean. Read more »


A Lesson in Selling From Great Lawyers

Great litigators must be great salespeople! In fact, litigation is often selling at the highest levels since the stakes can involve hundreds of millions of dollars and even life and death. This is obviously a complex discussion, but if there is one thing I would like to emphasize here it is the incredibly rigorous and intense preparation great litigators go through to “make the sale” . . . to the jury, to the judge, to the media and to all the stakeholders involved. While I know there are different sets of resources involved, just think about this for a few minutes in the context of your own preparation for a big sales opportunity.


You Are A VIP! Here’s Why.

If you are reading this blog post you probably sell for a living. You may sell real estate or elevators or paper but no matter what you sell, you are probably battling competitors who have products and services that are as good as yours. In other words, the buyer can select from several good alternatives. That means the sale will most likely come down to YOU, personally, as the ultimate tie breaker. Read more »


Top Notch Service

In my last few columns, I have been talking a bit about service as a part of sales, and my observations have been that it has slipped a lot domestically, particularly in comparison to some other countries I have visited. Well, here is a positive shmooze story from the US, hot off the press (experienced yesterday).

I travel a lot and renting cars is usually a pretty tough experience. Even with different status programs, the buses are erratic, the lines can be long and god forbid we change anything on the fly (ever try to call the service numbers . . . talk about automated prompts). Anyway, I was flying into O’Hare and my wife had just been there and rented a car from Enterprise and said she thought I would appreciate the experience. I asked (skeptically), “Why?” She said, “Just try it . . . I will book it for you,” which she did. Here is what happened. Read more »