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Sales Support from a Different Perspective

I recently went to a tire guy to fix a minor leak and give me an estimate. He fixed the tire, rotated all of them, balanced them and rather than charge me and going into the upsell I expected for new tires, he said, “Just give me a good review on Angie’s list.”

I went through a major house move the other day. Afterwards, I went to tip the driver and he declined saying, “Just give me a good review on Yelp.”

I was looking for a good tile man. I Googled a few and found one I like. Then I read his reviews and passed.

I don’t know if it is fair or not as business people to be so captive by these powerful, Internet reviews, and I am sure we need to put them into perspective, since unhappy and unsatisfied people are more likely to post. Nonetheless, they have become a real force, and to the extent, that if we ignore them we do so at our own risk.

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Investing in Yourself as a Professional Salesperson and Communicator

This week we would like to make our annual appeal for donations to the Mr. Shmooze column.

As you know, we produce 48 columns per year and charge neither a subscription fee nor do we advertise. We are therefore completely dependent upon the good wishes of our readers.

Money received goes toward paying our interns and research team, who continuously search for concepts and ideas that may help our readers be the most dynamic producers they can be.

Our recommended donation is $20 and can be processed in less than one minute by clicking here. We have a good sized following, so just this small amount can go a long way if everyone participates!

And coming soon, we are going to begin delivering a “Questions for Mr. Shmooze” segment via video!

So please chip in a little for another year for the wit and wisdom of Mr. Shmooze.

Thank you!
The Mr. Shmooze Team

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Break Out Of The Normal Routine

One of our favorite periodicals is “Scientific American Mind. “ It is always full of interesting articles of how people perceive things and process information . . . all good stuff for us to understand as professional communicators who are trying our best to relate to our prospects and clients. Read more »


The Remarkable Power of Words

Linguists have long known that language can shape drive thinking and shape entire cultures.  We might believe that a thought comes first and then the words follow, but there is a lot of evidence that words actually affect our thoughts and attitudes as a blended process.  This has huge implications for us as salespeople, because using the right words to present our value proposition can make a huge difference . . . not just at the conscious level, but at the subliminal level too. Read more »