The Number One Characteristic Buyers Look for in a Salesperson!

The number one characteristic buyers look for in a salesperson is CONFIDENCE!

In fact selling has been described as the transfer of confidence and enthusiasm from one person to another. Confidence is contagious!  So as salespeople, how do we establish and exude maximum confidence? By becoming absolute experts about that which we are selling! Here is what we mean.

If you are a real estate broker, it is very difficult to support the notion that you are an expert on the entire city. It might even be tough to cover a whole town. But on the other hand, it could be very powerful to claim expertise on a specific school district . . . knowing every transaction, the families, the principals, the teachers, etc. That kind of deep knowledge and expertise can provide tremendous power and credibility when communicating with prospects and competing with less thorough competitors.

We like to point to the medical profession metaphorically.  When you have a heart problem, you try to find the best cardiologist, not the best ear, nose and throat doctor.  As a salesperson, establishing ourselves as the absolute best in an important niche is the ultimate way to sell with confidence and conviction.

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