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A Tale of Two Salespeople

A friend of mine just sold his house. He used two agents.

The first agent listed the house. Held a couple of open houses. Stepped back. Never came to house personally in between showings and was usually not present at showings for personal pitch. Kept recommending lowering price. House sat. Read more »


How Powerful is Your Personal Brand?

We know that at least 50% of face-to-face selling is contingent upon the buyer’s feelings about the salesperson. That means as salespeople, we should be just as concerned about our image and our “personal brand” as we are about the products and services that we sell. So how important is personal branding?  Read more »


Selling Through the Close

A sales cycle often runs well past the formal close and includes a critical period up to the actual delivery of the product or service . . . a period when a buyer may back out of the deal (the famous “buyer’s remorse.”) A strong way to pre-empt buyer’s remorse, or any other problem for that matter, is to keep in close touch with the client as contracts and logistics are finalized, and by also reinforcing the buyer’s original, positive emotions behind the purchase.  Read more »


Charisma! You Have it in You!

Most of us are attracted to charismatic people and certainly charisma can be very powerful in the context of sales. So what is behind this “magical” quality and is it something people are born with or can it be developed? Read more »