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I went to get a new driver’s license recently in a new state. Very tough process . . . lots of extra technicalities and as you might expect, a series of bureaucrats who were experts at saying no and sending you down the line. Except for one . . .  Maria. Somehow, while the other grumpy clerks shuffled me around because they allegedly could not help me beyond their little box, Maria took me under her wing and personally knocked down one administrative barrier after another. Read more »


A Pushy Salesperson vs. A Persistent Salesperson

Over the years many salespeople have asked us about the potential issue of being too pushy as a salesperson. Each situation is different, but as a general rule, when we are following up with prospects, we like to keep adding fresh knowledge and ideas to the dialogue. We figure our follow up will be welcome so long as we continue to add value in the form of updates and information whether the buyer is quite ready to pull the trigger or not. Read more »


Elevation: The Secret to Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary!

Elevation is one of the main themes we stress in our books and workshops.

Elevation is the art of taking any element of our communications and relationships with our clients, and making it special . . . then doing it again and again. Here is an example. Read more »


Say What You Do . . . Do What You Say

I went in for some new glasses recently. They said they would be ready in an hour. I came back in an hour and they were not ready. I waited another 15 minutes. Nothing. Finally at the 90-minute mark, out they came.

This may not sound important but it’s a big deal. We are much better off under promising and over delivering when it comes to sales and service than promising something we cannot deliver. Read more »


The #1 Reason Clients Leave!

Surveys are constantly being done on why clients leave.  If I asked you to guess, you might say price . . . that is what I thought . . . but that is not the answer. The answer is clients feel they are not being paid enough attention to.

Whoa! That is a really, REALLY big deal because it means that if we are doing our jobs, Mr. Shmooze style, we should never lose a customer. And now that I think about it, and scan back to the greatest salespeople I have ever known, they really don’t lose customers.  Why? Because they turn their customers into lifelong friends. Read more »