Say What You Do . . . Do What You Say

I went in for some new glasses recently. They said they would be ready in an hour. I came back in an hour and they were not ready. I waited another 15 minutes. Nothing. Finally at the 90-minute mark, out they came.

This may not sound important but it’s a big deal. We are much better off under promising and over delivering when it comes to sales and service than promising something we cannot deliver.

Once we set the expectation for the customer, that is the benchmark by which he/she will judge the quality of our performance and, most importantly, our word as a person. Once trust is broken, it is very, very difficult to re-establish, and people are 8x more likely to remember the breach of trust and related negative emotions than anything else positive we did in the process.

Trust is the key to all relationships whether business or personal. We need to protect it like the treasure that it is!

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