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Great Athletes  – Great Salespeople

It probably comes as no surprise that great athletes and great salespeople share a number of important personality traits including the need for achievement and competitiveness among others. But there is another trait, which sports psychologists rate especially high, which great salespeople often share as well. That trait is optimism, in the form of resilience. Check this out. Read more »


Elevation! Richard Branson Style!

A lot of people who read our book and attend our workshops like to focus on the concept of “elevation,” that is, taking what other people might consider ordinary touch points with clients and creatively “elevating” them into memorable touches. Check out this video as a great example of elevation. Read more »


The Art of the Gift

In our workshops, people often ask us about giving gifts to clients . . . and we like to take the focus away from the gift and over to the emotional connection we are trying to establish with the client. The two messages we hope to get across with a gift are:

  1. We are listening and we care about our clients lives.
  2. We are action-oriented, both personally and professionally, in terms of service.

So it is not so much about the gift, as it is about connecting with a sweet spot in the process. Here is an example. Read more »