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Electrifying Service = Loyalty and Sales

I flew back to Austin from Chicago yesterday. Long trip, tired, just like the rest of you road warriors. Since the weather is changing I took my leather jacket for the first time since last winter . . . a nice one and my favorite. Got off the plane, went down to the cab stand and, of course, no jacket. I left it on the plane. I ran back up to the ticket counter . . . big lines and a long line to re-enter security. I was stuck. Read more »


A Closing Your Prospect/Client Will Never Forget!

So you have just spent 30-60 minutes with an important prospect. You have covered a lot of ground and there has been some great interaction, but you are a little worried that there is so much information in the air that it may become diluted after you leave. Here is a great closing line to be sure that does not happen. Read more »


Beware of the Siren Song of Social Networking

Social networking can be a great tool. It can accelerate the number of contacts we have and it can expose our products and our ideas to a large audience. What it does not do as well as face communication is sell and close. Put another way, social networking really is not “selling,” in its purest sense, it is marketing, and marketing has never replaced selling in any medium, including on the web. Read more »