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The Ultimate Sales and Service Secret!

I recently heard a great summation of what we need to do to stand out in sales or service . . . “Give the customer something no one else in the world gives them.”  Read more »


When is the Best Time to Present: First, Middle or Last?

People often ask me when it is best to present when competing in a proposal process . . . first, middle or last. The answer, if you can arrange it, is last. The reason is based on something psychologists call the “recency effect.” Read more »


Are We Energy Boosters?

Happy New Year Everyone!  Here is a quick thought for us all as we approach the new business year fresh and raring to go.

When we interact with people, do we add energy or do we draw energy from their lives?  The reason I ask is because people who add energy are always welcome.  People who draw energy tend to be quietly replaced over time. Obviously our goal as professionals who sell through relationships is to be a person who always adds energy in the course of our interaction with our clients and prospects.  Read more »