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The Invisible Sale

I like to tell salespeople in our workshops that there are always two sales going on simultaneously . . . the intellectual sale and the emotional sale. Here is what I mean.

Let’s say a couple is thinking of buying a house. Yes, they are THINKING about its location, the school district, resale value, etc. At the same time, however, they are processing the possible transaction through an emotional filter. How the home makes them FEEL when they are standing in the living room imagining a party, if they are optimistic or somewhat afraid of taking the plunge, how happy they and their children will be in this particular place. Read more »


Small Gestures Can Mean a Lot

Recently, I emailed a proposal to a client for a new project. I put a lot of thought/work into it so naturally I was hopeful that it got through and would be received favorably. Then an interesting thing happened. Read more »


Onboarding – A Golden Opportunity to Bond . . . or Not!

It is always a special time, for both sides, when someone takes a new job.  The new employee is excited.  New environment. New people. A fresh start. The same goes for the company.  There is nothing more important to a company than its people. And yet . . . Read more »