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Bad Breath? Bad Tie? Wrong Shirt? Not a Problem. (Are You Sure?)

Consider this: You have 60 seconds to make an impression that – get this – lasts a lifetime. And most failed sales pitches are lost in the first 90 seconds of the meeting.

In other words, first impressions are a big deal . . . a REALLY big deal. And we are all capable of getting a little complacent . . . alright . . . lazy . . . about our appearance and demeanor.

Fortunately, there is a beautiful way to get instant feedback on the first impression you are making. Read more »


Finish the Job!

I recently had some work done at my home. The tradesmen did a good job on the maintenance except . . . they left without cleaning up. I was stuck picking up the leftover material and garbage. In other words, THEY DIDN’T FINISH THE JOB! Read more »


Relationships Come First

According to a report from one of the biggest consulting firms in the world, the number one reason people switch service providers is . . . wait for it: Read more »


On the Road with Mr. Shmooze

I was on the road last week and had all sorts of good and bad sales and customer service experiences.

On the bad side, I received a quote for some work from a building services company. I called and talked to one of the inbound order takers and asked if I could get a more detailed breakdown of pricing (which seemed high). There was a long pause and then the rep, who obviously had no training on price objections, kind of stuttered and said . . . “that is just the way we price things.” That broke trust, and they lost the order. I was also working with a landscaping company who came out, gave me a bid and then disappeared. I called a couple of times and finally the estimator called me back clearly annoyed I had been pushing for some answers. Good bye! Read more »