Bad Breath? Bad Tie? Wrong Shirt? Not a Problem. (Are You Sure?)

Consider this: You have 60 seconds to make an impression that – get this – lasts a lifetime. And most failed sales pitches are lost in the first 90 seconds of the meeting.

In other words, first impressions are a big deal . . . a REALLY big deal. And we are all capable of getting a little complacent . . . alright . . . lazy . . . about our appearance and demeanor.

Fortunately, there is a beautiful way to get instant feedback on the first impression you are making.

Buy your buddies a drink and ask them. Then get ready to be humbled . . . but in a very constructive and important way.

Here are things I have heard when we set up such roundtables:

  •  You can have bad breath.
  • Your choice of slacks is exaggerating your beer belly.
  • Your belts don’t match your shoes.
  • Your perfume is way too strong.
  • You wear too much makeup.
  • You talk too much.
  • You interrupt too much.
  • You don’t look people in the eye.
  • You stand too close.
  • You swear too much.
  • You read your PowerPoints
  • You talk too fast.

I am sure that none of my readers are guilty of any of these issues, but if you just want a tune up, take a friend or two out, buy them a drink and ask. Their feedback just might be worth another five figures in revenue to you!