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Understanding Your Customer’s “Father-Figure Impact”

After you have gotten to know your customers well enough, a great way to gain even more insight relative to their value systems and psychology is to ask how they grew up and, specifically, about their fathers. (A non-threatening way to broach the subject is to first offer a little insight about your own upbringing and your Dad’s role therein.)

The reason this is so interesting is because fathers often set the achievement blueprint in people’s minds relative to business, that is, what constitutes proper business behavior and success, also often setting the tone for how people want to be treated. Read more »


Unplug, Refresh, Grow Stronger!

August is a classic vacation month for many families. The kids are done with summer sports and everybody piles into the car for the lake. Unfortunately, these days, two other bits of equipment inevitably join the trip . . . our cell phones and our computers. That’s OK, unless . . . we really keep working all the time.
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Closing With an “Ace in the Hole”

As most of you who have been selling awhile know, a prospect often wants to say yes, but needs just a little more encouragement to make a final commitment.

A great technique for the final push over the goal line is to pull out an “extra” benefit right before asking for the order. Here is an example. Read more »