Closing With an “Ace in the Hole”

As most of you who have been selling awhile know, a prospect often wants to say yes, but needs just a little more encouragement to make a final commitment.

A great technique for the final push over the goal line is to pull out an “extra” benefit right before asking for the order. Here is an example.

“Mr. Prospect, this vacation home will generate great memories for your family while it appreciates over time. Plus . . . you can always sell the five acres on the Northeast corner since it is already sub-divided which really makes this a terrific investment as well.”

Here is another example.

“This stock is very well priced and provides a great dividend. And . . . it will also provide a great hedge relative to the commodity side of your portfolio.”

The key is to identify something about your product/service that your prospect might not be focusing on as the core reason for buying, then to present it with fresh energy as your “ace in the hole” when you move through the close.

Remember, everybody likes to think they have gotten a great deal. An extra benefit, toward the end of the discussion, can often provide just the tonic we need to wrap up the sale.

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