Unplug, Refresh, Grow Stronger!

August is a classic vacation month for many families. The kids are done with summer sports and everybody piles into the car for the lake. Unfortunately, these days, two other bits of equipment inevitably join the trip . . . our cell phones and our computers. That’s OK, unless . . . we really keep working all the time.


You see, countless studies have shown that we all need breaks from our work, and that when we take breaks, expose our minds to some different stimuli and surroundings and just plain relax, all sorts of good things happen to us physically, emotionally and intellectually.

It’s a little like working out at the gym . . . it may seem counterintuitive but our muscles actually grow in between workouts, while we are resting, not when we are actually exerting the energy.

So take some time off and really try to unplug. It will absolutely help your performance when the selling season begins again in September, not to mention how much fun it is to actually focus on our families and friends for a little while. Of course they should unplug a bit too . . . but that is a different discussion. Have fun out there!

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