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Fear. The Salesperson’s Friend.

Several years ago, at the University of Chicago, we conducted a test of high performance salespeople to see if we could identify some common characteristics and behavior. One of the more interesting elements that came up was “fear,” as in fear of failure. Read more »


Three Minutes and I will Never Forget Her!

We spend a lot of time talking about “emotional connectivity” and how the world’s great communicators and salespeople are often able to touch other people emotionally, consistently raising their moods when they touch them. We also know that many studies have shown that emotions are contagious, and that the person with more positivity and energy is likely to raise the mood of someone who is in a neutral to negative state. People who can raise other peoples’ moods are very special. They are held in very high esteem in our culture whether in entertainment (picture Jon Stewart or Oprah) in business and in our personal lives.


I always like to stop and appreciate such gifted people and soak up their positive energy because they are so invigorating, and you never know when they are going to pop up . . . could be a new friend or a waiter or even a cashier. But last week I ran across someone who reinforced this dynamic more quickly and more powerfully than I have experienced in years. So I want to share this story . . . a little longer than usual but hang in there with me. Read more »


K.I.S.S. to S.M.M.M.

Most of us are familiar with K.I.S.S. . . .”Keep It Simple Stupid.” Put a bit more delicately, it is usually much more effective to communicate and support one or two compelling points, particularly when selling, than to roll out every feature and benefit in our tool kit.

Elementary, right? You would be surprised how eager many salespeople are to run through the entire gamut of neat stuff they have to offer. Why not? They are proud of their product and services and they want to make sure they don’t miss anything. Read more »


Time Really is Money! How Great Salespeople Leverage the Often Hidden Power of Saving a Client Time

As salespeople, we are usually selling our product or service into the context of a larger process. Say, for example, we are a realtor who wants to represent a home buyer. All of our competitors are going to come in with the same commission cost. And all of our competitors are going to say they are experienced in the market and know how to negotiate the best deal. But as most of us know, there is a lot more to buying a house than that. Read more »