Time Really is Money! How Great Salespeople Leverage the Often Hidden Power of Saving a Client Time

As salespeople, we are usually selling our product or service into the context of a larger process. Say, for example, we are a realtor who wants to represent a home buyer. All of our competitors are going to come in with the same commission cost. And all of our competitors are going to say they are experienced in the market and know how to negotiate the best deal. But as most of us know, there is a lot more to buying a house than that.

The process involves all sorts of variables including:

  • Finding and registering in schools

  • Selecting a mover

  • Often, selecting a lawyer, title search, closing process, etc.

  • Finding new services ranging from landscaping to child care

  • Credentialed contractor and repair services


Many realtors have become very skilled at developing resource teams, over time, to help their clients with the overall process. But some go further by actually mapping out the process and going through it in their sales pitch, pointing out when things need to occur and specifically how the realtor can save his/her client time (money) in the process.

Let’s take schools for example. I have seen realtors provide a summary of schools in the search area, schedules for registering and registration information. So when it comes time to register, the buyer can avoid the initial search process and go right to the reference guide provided by the realtor. I have even seen realtors arrange meetings with school officials if helpful.

This harkens back to our favorite overall element of “elevating” every client touch point . . . doing more and more and more to eventually rise above competitors that simply will not go as far as we go on service and relationship building.

This week, scour for every opportunity you have to save your clients time. This can be especially powerful in the B-to-B context, when your clients are developing their 2016 budgets. The more you can provide good data, some great back up graphics and do some calculations for them, the more valuable you will be considered as a resource and/or a bidder.

But remember . . . you must also find ways to reinforce the value you are bringing (i.e. the time you are saving in the process). Then, when a bid is close, the time/money saved can often carry the deal.

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