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Selling Through Relationships

I want to step back this week and revisit how this whole “Mr. Shmooze” thing started, because it is at the core of everything we do with our research and our writing.
Years ago, I became fascinated, both as a buyer and a seller, with people who could make a difference by sheer force of their personalities and will. In other words, while the product or service they were representing were obviously key, these special people could add to the appeal of them through their own, unique communications skills and selling styles. That set me off on a journey I continue to make today in the quest of understanding, and passing along, the magic such people create in the course of pursuing their life’s work. Read more »


Change . . . Or Get Sacked!

I was reading the Super Bowl post analysis and something caught my eye.  Some members of the Denver defense said that in watching the Carolina films, for the two weeks prior to the game, they saw some patterns they thought they could exploit, and they adjusted their defensive strategy accordingly (basically blitzing on almost every play).
They were not sure it would work if Carolina shifted to a different approach, but the Denver defense was, in their words, “shocked” (and delighted) that Carolina just kept coming at them the same way, play after play, exactly as they has seen it on film, for the whole game.
“Shooting fish in a barrel” said one player. “We knew exactly what was coming and they never changed . . . must have been brutal from the other side.”
As salespeople, we can learn something from this.  Read more »


Wait for It

I recently saw something on television that I sometimes run into as a salesperson. A celebrity was being interviewed but rather than rattle off quick answers, he paused for a moment to process the question, then gave a thoughtful answer.
The trouble was that the hyper talk show host could not stand the downtime and began interrupting and talking over him, until the guest pretty much shut down. It was not a very fulfilling conversation for either of them, or for the audience for that matter. Read more »