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The Power of the Metaphor

Metaphors create tremendous leverage and clarity in communication. They cut through the jargon and activate the imagination and the emotional side in the buyer’s mind. Metaphors begin with the phrase, “It’s kind of like…”

Here is an example we often refer to.
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May The Force Be With You!

I hurt my shoulder being a knucklehead working out Friday, so I called a local area spa/resort to try to arrange a massage. I was not ready for the hurricane of energy and positive vibes I was about to experience. It went something like this: Read more »


Knowledge = Confidence = Sales

It never ceases to amaze me how many salespeople I run into in the course of my own purchasing who do not have solid, confident answers to core questions about their products and services. A car salesperson may not have crisp, clean answers about lease terms. Or a real estate agent may not be able to quote comps from the neighborhood. 
Whatever the case, I can only assume one of two dynamics is in play:  Read more »


A Secret to Downton Abbey’s Uber Popularity and What It Can Teach Us About Selling

The incredibly successful Public Television series Downton Abbey just completed its six year run and more than a few people are mourning its passing. Like earlier popular series like Cheers, Seinfeld and Mash, people really looked forward to their weekly interaction with these wonderful characters who grew and developed before their very eyes.

But there was also a technical dynamic in play which we should keep in mind when selling. Read more »


Trust . . . The Great Equalizer!

All sales are based upon trust. Trust is established in many ways, but one particularly strong, early technique is to ask a buyer about his/her objectives then to repeat them, immediately, in summary form.

Let’s say we are selling banking services. We ask the prospect what her objectives are. She answers by emphasizing low risk and a relationship with someone local she can visit and talk to, among other things. When she finishes, we say, “Thank you Ms. Smith. So just to be clear, you want to place some money in a low-risk instrument at a local bank and establish a relationship with someone you can visit or phone on a regular basis that will be there for you. Is that accurate?” “Yes.”

This may sound simple but it has some profound psychological and emotional power to it.
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