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“Love of the Game” 

(Name of clause in Michael Jordan’s Bulls’ contract allowing him to play in free, pickup games)
We often hear from sales managers who have tried to change or drive their salespeople’s behavior by changing their compensation plans, only to discover that, while succeeding in frustrating their salespeople, behavior does not change. In fact, changing compensation plans without taking a larger perspective is almost a sure way to create a hostile relationship between management and salespeople that can last for years . . . sometimes forever . . . as part of a culture of mistrust.
So why doesn’t simply changing compensation plans often change behavior? 
The reason can be found in the psychology behind motivating high-Drive salespeople.
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A Great Sales Line!

I had a fun buying/selling experience that taught me something this week. I was buying some clothes at a store. The salesperson who was helping me was also the store manager and he was a pro. Knowledgeable, personable and engaging.
At one point I was trying to choose between two pairs of shoes and asked him which one he would pick. I knew that the answer would be . . . “take them both,” but here was his exact answer which I loved: “You should take them both . . . you DESERVE it!” 
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Who’s on First?

I lease a car. The lease expires soon. I called the auto company . . . they said to call their inspection company. I called the inspection company and set a date/time.
Inspection time comes . . . nobody shows up. I call the inspection company and she said the inspection was cancelled. I asked why and she said I needed to call the auto company. I asked why her inspection company did not call to inform me of the cancellation and she said I would have to talk to the auto company.
I called the auto company and that lady told me the inspection had been cancelled because I had requested an additional month on my lease. I said when I had checked they said to go ahead with the inspection anyway since it was good for sixty days. She looked up the rules and said I was right. I asked if she would reschedule me and she said no . . . I had to call the inspection company again.
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Happy Anniversary

Anniversaries are natural occasions to touch customers. Most of us make contact and celebrate annual anniversaries, but nothing is stopping us from setting up anniversary touches for newer customers at the three month mark or six month mark. The first 90 days or so is when a new customer really begins to bond for the longer term. Read more »