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Sales Communication Tip: Repeat and Validate

Here is a quickie from our psych friends. The next time a prospect or a client makes what is obviously an important point he/she is trying to make, when he finishes repeat it back to him.  Read more »


Mood Transference: How Your Mood Can Impact Your Sales

Have you ever been at a bar after work with your friends and for whatever reason everybody starts laughing . . . I mean really having fun and whooping it up? Inevitably, other people nearby notice and often start smiling themselves, and some may even come over to join the fun.
Why?  Read more »


The First Network

This column is focused on younger salespeople and those of you who mentor and/or manage them, who may want to pass these thoughts along.
More and more, I have been noticing how well salespeople coming into the business are leveraging their high school and college alumni networks. The reason this activity has picked up is because the alumni associations themselves have become very proactive and sophisticated relative to networking, as well as the emergence of programs like  Read more »


Thanks for Asking

Selling often comes down to the salesperson’s ability to answer questions with confidence and conviction. In many sales situations, the same two or three key questions come up almost every time. It is therefore incumbent upon us as salespeople to identify those pivotal questions and completely master the answers through research, practice and live rehearsal with partners.  Read more »


The Ultimate Test: One Question Every Salesperson Should Ask

Here is a question I like to ask myself every once and awhile as a salesperson: Will my clients miss me when I’m gone?
Sounds funny doesn’t it? I mean, it’s a little like asking what we want written on our tombstone, but I am not being quite that dramatic.
What I really mean is: Have I become an important enough part of the fabric of my customers’ intellectual and emotional lives that they would truly be sad to see me go both as a business resource and as a friend?
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