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Communications Thoughts From a Master

Just for fun, I watched a set of highlights from Ronald Reagan speeches recently. This is not a political observation . . . strictly from a communications perspective.
Reagan is generally considered by historians to be a great presenter. I actually saw him twice in person and agree. Breaking it down for those of us who also make presentations, I noted several appealing things about his approach: Read more »


Digital Will Never Replace Salespeople

People are talking about whether or not digital marketing will replace salespeople. Well, radio advertising did not replace salespeople, TV advertising did not replace salespeople and digital marketing and advertising won’t either. 
Like earlier forms of promotion, smart companies are using digital marketing to set up salespeople and the closing process, and the data shows that they work best together.  Read more »


K.I.S.S. – A Good Policy in a Noisy World

We like to talk in our workshops about the incredible power of keeping things simple. We are all overwhelmed with information in the digital age and one way to really stand out and often appeal greatly to prospects and customers is to reduce the noise and just deliver straight answers and provide no nonsense, great service.  Read more »


Selling is a Numbers Game

Research tells us that numbers are 10x more memorable than words.
So, when we are preparing our sales discussions, whenever possible, we should drop a credible number into the mix to replace a softer adjective.
For example: Read more »