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Little Gesture – Big Upside

I just re-read a great book on body language.  A lot of it is the basic stuff most of us as salespeople know, but I picked up an interesting nuance I think is worth sharing.
We know that a prospect who is sitting and listening with his arms crossed probably means he is not being receptive, but did you know that there is a bit of a chicken/egg technique we can use to open him up?  It goes like this. Read more »


Show ‘em the Love!

Just a quickie for this week but one with profound implications for all of us as business owners and salespeople. Read more »


Good Salespeople Can Close More Business with Some Basic Support

We moved recently and wanted to engage a lawn service for deeper maintenance, weed control and the like. Having just moved, we have been vetting and hiring all sorts of new service providers so we are experiencing a broad spectrum of service quality.
In this case, I was surprised and pleased with follow up. This was one of those bigger companies . . . probably a franchise . . . and the local folks have been very well trained. The consultant who showed up for the initial review was personable and knowledgeable. But what impressed me most, in terms of sales, was their appointment setting and follow up call system. Very systematic and persistent without crossing the line. And the calls were not being made by the consultant . . . she was busy making more in person sales visits.
This combination of a strong salesperson supported by good customer service reps can provide great results in certain situations and may be well worth looking into for your company. Read more »