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A Mr. Shmooze Moment – How Businesses are Made or Broken

I always like to talk about Mr. Shmooze moments when they occur spontaneously. Here is one from the past week.
I went to the same restaurant twice last week for breakfast. Same brand, same product . . . completely different experience based upon salesmanship/service. Read more »


Are We Doing Enough for Our Relationships? Are We Really?

In my workshops, I like to ask people the following question to get the juices flowing.

Here is the scenario: Take your most profitable client.  Now imagine that he/she was your ONLY client, that is, if he/she went away, you would lose your livelihood and could not provide for your family.  Read more »


Going Negative – Bad Idea When It Comes to Sales

Well, tonight is the big (election) night! In the past, I have often used the Presidential elections to point out real time applications of effective marketing and communications techniques, but I purposely stayed away from this one because it is so emotionally charged. 
However, as we move into the final evening, I want to point out one thing that this election has proven in spades . . . Read more »


A Little Interaction Goes a Long Way

Great teachers know that kids engage more enthusiastically and retain much more information if a subject is introduced through an interactive exercise as opposed to a one way lecture. Learning by doing is a well-documented educational technique.
The same exact principle applies to sales. Most customers would much rather be “involved” in a sales meeting than simply sit back and be lectured. Not only will they enjoy the experience much more, but if done well they will become emotionally involved and take a personal stake in the outcome of the discussion. Read more »