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A  Mr. Shmooze Style New Year’s Resolution

This is our last column of the year, and of course everybody is compiling their New Year’s resolutions as we speak. In the spirit of Mr. Shmooze, think about including the following resolution:
In 2017, each time I have an encounter with anyone, when I finish, I will pause for just a second and ask myself the following question:

“Did I lift the other person’s spirits, even just a little, when we interacted?”
That’s it!  If the answer is yes, you will have one of the most successful and fulfilling years of your life in 2017. It takes some discipline, and a little focus,  but once you get in that mode, magic can happen.
Happy New Year everyone!


It’s About Time . . . And . . .

I am often asked if there is one thing we see the world’s most successful salespeople do more or better than everyone else in the great game of selling. There are several things that come together, but one that stands out is the sheer amount of time they actually interact with prospects and customers. Or, conversely, the surprising small amount of time their competitors spend with customers.
I recently spoke to a salesperson I was beginning to coach, and we went through his daily schedule. It looked something like this. Read more »