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How Creativity Connects to Sales

I was looking through some of my files on “creativity” today, and a few things jumped out at me:
Humor and laughter promote relaxation and creativity. Unfortunately, as we get older, we laugh a lot less. In fact, studies show that children laugh 400 times each day while adults laugh 15 times per day. Creativity? Kids win hands down. Read more »


Another Validation for Keeping Things Simple for our Clients and Prospects

I saw an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review that reinforces the notion that we want to try to keep things as simple as possible in our client interactions and customer service. 
According to the article, today’s customers are more well- informed than ever as they conduct their own research via Google and other sites, and by the time they engage with us, they are often more interested in action steps than in hearing more about what they already know.
So a good early question before we move into our sales discussion is: Read more »


1 Subtle Change to Take Your “Small Talk” to the Next Level

There have been a lot of psychological studies done about what we as laymen might call “small talk.” You know … the inane chatter about the weather, or the weekend, that people inevitably engage in when they first come together or after not seeing each other for a while.
But, according to the research, there is a lot more going on during “small talk” than meets the eye.
People are subliminally seeking resonance with each other both in thought and in speech. They are letting their guard down a bit in an attempt to relate and connect. And they are preparing, both personally and in terms of business, if it is a work setting, to engage.
Why is this important for us to understand as salespeople? Read more »


Persistence – The Key to Achievement!

Happy 2017!
For us as salespeople, there is nothing quite like a fresh new year!  And as we move into 2017, remember this:
Of all the factors that go into successful selling and relationship building, NOTHING is more important than persistence.  Not talent, not intelligence, not personality.  Read more »