Here’s What Salespeople Can Learn From Tom Brady

Well, after Sunday’s Super Bowl, Tom Brady took his place among the all-time greatest quarterbacks in NFL history . . . some say the greatest. A special talent for sure, but did you know that he is also considered one of the hardest working players in the NFL during the offseason?  
That’s right . . . his conditioning regimen is off the charts . . . three sessions per day including the latest research and technology as it relates to his changing physiology. And he is always researching and trying new things. 
Last summer he went to a new trainer who specializes in arm strength, relative to the throwing motion, where he worked out with major league baseball pitchers, for example. Brady is not kidding when he says he is going to try to play until he is 45!
What a great example for us as sales athletes! The dedication to the work. The preparation behind the scenes.  The continuous improvement. And the investment . . . in ourselves
Brady won the Super Bowl with talent, preparation, experience and the wisdom of many years perfecting his craft. 
In other words, hard work pursuing a job that he truly loves.

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