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“Know More!”

Years ago, when Sir Hugh Rigby, the Sergeant Surgeon to King George was asked “what makes a great surgeon (among the many),” he replied, “There isn’t much to choose from in manual dexterity . . . what distinguishes a great surgeon is that he KNOWS more than other surgeons.”
I would submit today that we can apply the same principal to sales to a large degree. 
Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes for a minute.  You have decided to buy a new TV . . . one with all the bells and whistles.  You roll into BestBuy and up wanders a part-timer . . . probably has some personal knowledge of technology but you can tell he is not answering your questions with conviction. 
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All Work and No Play . . .

Well summer is wrapping up and the kids will be heading back to school soon.  I hope everybody had a chance to take a break, enjoy their families and relax a little.  Read more »


Be Careful Not to Fall in Love with Your Own Stuff

I recently met with a prospect and we had a lively and productive exchange about his marketing and sales goals and objectives. When I am conducting such due diligence, it is interesting to see if the prospect is looking for new ideas or is more eager to gain affirmation for what he has already implemented.
In this case, I was encouraged because the prospect was self-aware, open-minded and collaborative.
Things were shaping up well until he said, “Let me show you our presentation package …it’s the best in the industry.” Out came the package, which he had obviously thrown his heart into, and which he presented to me like a proud father.
He then asked expectantly…“What do you think?” Read more »