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It Only Takes a Few Seconds

We all know how tough travel can be during the holidays as business and personal travelers collide. 
I like to take the opportunity at the airport to observe how people handle stress . . . particularly the service people at the gates and restaurants, but also the travelers as well. 
Poise under pressure is a hallmark of great customer service and, indeed, of high performance in all fields. People who can “take the heat,” listen well and stay calm are worth their weight in gold to their employers.  Read more »


Referral Power

A lot of salespeople I talk to do not actively ask for referrals. That is a huge, missed opportunity at several levels. 
First, a referral is by far the most powerful marketing tool in our toolkit. A referral jumps past the initial marketing steps and gets right to direct connection with the prospect. 
Second, a referral is easily the most cost efficient marketing technique. It costs nothing to ask for a referral and therefore the potential ROI is infinite.
Here is the best part. People love to give referrals when they experience a great product or service. They are proud that they were smart enough to find it and eager to share their success with others.
So it often comes down to just asking.
Remember, if you are a great service provider, you have earned the opportunity to ask for, and receive a referral. Don’t be shy about asking for one!