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A True Producer

I’ve been working with one of the most disciplined salespeople I have ever seen in terms of follow up.
I am sure she is working off of a CRM platform, but I can set my watch by her weekly calls, follow up emails and various tools her company allows her to deploy in terms of special offerings and deadlines.
The whole process gets right to the edge of being slightly annoying except . . . it works! I have been purchasing the services and yes, when I am reminded that it is time for a re-order, I step up.  But without the extra pressure, I am quite sure I would procrastinate or even let the whole thing dissipate over time. Read more »


Time is Money

One of the biggest differences we see between big producers and average producers is the amount of time actually spent on high leverage sales activity.
As we all know, since sales is largely a self-managed situation, it’s pretty easy to get distracted throughout the day by paperwork, calls, emails and personal business among many other things.  Read more »


Happy New Year and a Word to the Wise

As we move into 2018 full of energy, optimism, spit and vinegar, I want to ask you to ask yourself the following question.

“Who are my five most important, current clients and what am I going to do for them, RIGHT NOW, to add value to their business and remind them that I love them?”

Read more »