March Madness

Not so long ago, the NCAA basketball tournament was important to basketball fans, but not the huge deal it is today. 
Something happened that took the tournament into the mainstream which is a great lesson for us salespeople. 
The tournament became “interactive.”  That’s right, instead of being a one way experience where we sat back and watched the teams play, the brackets contests emerged; and everybody in the office got involved in picking teams, filling out the brackets and watching the tournament build momentum and excitement.  It has practically become an annual ritual like the Super Bowl.
You see, it is much more engaging and exciting for people to participate in something than to just sit back and watch or listen. 
This goes for our sales pitches as well.  Anytime we can elevate our pitch from a one way PowerPoint or show and tell and get our audience involved with some side-by-side give and take, for example, the experience can become much more interesting and engaging for the prospect.
It pays to review our presentations and look for opportunities to get our prospects intellectually and emotionally involved in the show!

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