Good Vibrations

I was watching a documentary on the Beach Boys the other night and the interviewer asked Carl Wilson why he thought they were so popular.  Carl answered . . . “because we are really good.”
The interviewer, who expected a longer answer, went silent for a moment, then he replied . . . “perfect.”
I was struck by the profound power of this simplicity and authenticity as I think about sales.
We . . . and our products/service . . .  have to be “really good.”  There is no faking that whether in entertainment or business. 
Obviously there are no short cuts, it takes years to master our respective crafts, but once we do, we can pretty much dispense with the BS . . . the quality of our product and our salesmanship will come through with authority and confidence. 
It may be good to stop and ask this question of ourselves and our products/services from time to time:

 Are we really good?  As good as the Beach Boys were at their craft?

In other words special, extraordinary, outstanding? 
If we are, selling for a living will be a beautiful experience indeed. 

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