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The Customer is Back . . . Where He/She Belongs

Last week while traveling on business, I experienced something that, until recently, was a rare phenomenon at most restaurants . . . great service.
In fact, over-the-top service.
The hostess was smiling, engaging and actually made eye contact (as opposed to rolling her eyes since I did not have a reservation). Read more »


I’ll Get Back to You

Two good friends recently complained to me about the same customer service problem.  It goes something like this.

They each needed some medical attention.  They went in and the doctor checked them out.  They received some light meds for comfort pending further diagnosis/test results. 

And then . . . nothing.  No follow up calls, no emails.  Each of them had to do the following up . . . not directly with the doc but to administrators who had to dig through files before giving partial answers. 

I had the same experience buying a car recently.  Read more »


The Right Stuff

If you are a salesperson, and you probably are if you are reading this blog, you are an extraordinary human being.
I mean it. Research shows that less than 20% of the general population has the innate personality characteristics, that is, the aptitude, to become successful salespeople. In our search business experience, less than one in fifty people who apply for sales positions have the potential to succeed.
That is because selling is a particularly challenging way to make a living. It requires taking significant emotional and financial risk. Not to diminish other jobs, but while our counterparts in the office receive a regular paycheck, most salespeople are paid only if they go out and actually generate revenue. No sale = no check. Read more »