I’ll Get Back to You

Two good friends recently complained to me about the same customer service problem.  It goes something like this.

They each needed some medical attention.  They went in and the doctor checked them out.  They received some light meds for comfort pending further diagnosis/test results. 

And then . . . nothing.  No follow up calls, no emails.  Each of them had to do the following up . . . not directly with the doc but to administrators who had to dig through files before giving partial answers. 

I had the same experience buying a car recently. 

Since I ordered it out of state, there were some insurance wrinkles.  The energetic lady who handled the paperwork said she would get back to me, but I waited . . . and waited . . . and waited.  Finally I called and she said, “Oh that went through last week. You are fine.”

I am sure you all have similar stories, the moral of which is, COMMUNICATE!  

There is only one thing customers HATE more than being left in the dark, which is already AWFUL customer service. It is being told they will receive a call and never getting it.

Remember, we can sell well all day, but if we are not backed up by equally passionate CUSTOMER service (which is another form of selling; by the way), we might as well be running up a sand dune as salespeople.

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