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Price Objection – A Misnomer

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In the business context, a price objection is a challenge of value and a risk/reward analysis. Consider this.
What if you were trying to convince someone to buy something from you and you said,
“I have a deal for you. You see this money I have in my hand? It is $1,000. If you will hand me $1,000, I will immediately give it back to you along with the $1,000 in my hand . . . a 100% return.”
How do you think the buyer will respond? 
Of course he will say yes. 
Why?  Because he has stopped thinking about cost and he is focusing on the low risk, high return of the proposition.
In fact, he is probably hoping you can do it again, or raise the amount of the investment.  The “price” is long gone as a hurdle.
The exact same dynamics are in place in every sale.  We set a price, the buyer sizes up the risk and the reward, and if he likes the deal he will close. 
So why is it so hard?  Read more »


New Sales Management Course

As you might surmise, our Mr. Shmooze community includes all sorts of people who are interested in selling and communications including business owners, sales managers and salespeople.
Historically our focus has been on helping salespeople ply their trade, but over the years many of you have asked if we have anything specifically for owners and managers . . . something that can help you develop your strategies and build outstanding sales teams.
Because of this, I wanted to announce in today’s post our new, online course entitled, The Best Damn Sales Manager’s Guide Ever!  Read more »