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All Work and No Play . . .

Well summer is wrapping up and the kids will be heading back to school soon.  I hope everybody had a chance to take a break, enjoy their families and relax a little.  Read more »


Be Careful Not to Fall in Love with Your Own Stuff

I recently met with a prospect and we had a lively and productive exchange about his marketing and sales goals and objectives. When I am conducting such due diligence, it is interesting to see if the prospect is looking for new ideas or is more eager to gain affirmation for what he has already implemented.
In this case, I was encouraged because the prospect was self-aware, open-minded and collaborative.
Things were shaping up well until he said, “Let me show you our presentation package …it’s the best in the industry.” Out came the package, which he had obviously thrown his heart into, and which he presented to me like a proud father.
He then asked expectantly…“What do you think?” Read more »


Who Loves You Baby?

Testimonials have always been important, but even more so today thanks to the Internet.  People have become conditioned to look for reviews, Angie’s Lists and five stars every single day as they surf around, even when they are not buying. Read more »


How Often Do You Follow Up with Prospects?

There are any number of articles written about how many times a salesperson needs to follow up to close a deal.  The average number seems to be seven or eight.  I disagree.  Here is why. Read more »


A Culture of Enthusiasm and Success

It’s one thing to be individually a good manager or salesperson. You can make a good living and enjoy the individual triumphs along the way. But how about those rare companies that energize the whole organization in terms of client relations? Check this out.
My daughter plays tennis. She decided to take a break and did not play for a year. When she decided to re-engaged, we signed her up for lessons again at her old club. When she showed up, you would have thought she was Chrissie Evert! Read more »


The Powerful Impact of Smiling

I love running into a Mr. or Ms. Shmooze out of nowhere! It always validates my feelings about our theme.
I went to lunch with my father recently.  A tavern/grille in a country setting.  We settled in and started talking, waiting for the waiter or waitress to come to our table. And there she was!
“Welcome!  Can I help you?”
We both looked up and straight into one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen.  I mean ear-to-ear, and totally in the moment and sincere. She was a pretty girl, very natural, early twenties at most. Her face was absolutely alive . . . smiling, happy and absolutely focused on us.  I don’t know how she did it, but she held her smile throughout the entire lunch service, coming and going.  She was delightful.
This reminded me of some research we did years ago about smiling:  Read more »


A Quality Experience

I just spent a long weekend in New York City . . . beautiful Spring days in one of the most exciting cities on the planet. My wife and I had a little time to kill our last morning, so we decided to spend a few hours at Bergdorf Goodman, arguably one of the most prestigious department stores in retail.
Of course the windows and showrooms were off the charts, but the thing that struck me the most that relates to us here is the deep and rich knowledge of the salespeople.  Read more »



Years ago, there was a great running back named John Riggins who played for the Washington Redskins. Big, strong and tough, he would rather run right over you than use any fancy footwork. The offensive line that cleared the way for Riggins called themselves “The Hogs.”
Every week, Riggins took The Hogs out for steaks and beers. His rationale . . . he was only as good as the people around him  . . . and in front of him . . . and he wanted to make sure the Hogs knew how much he appreciated them.
Who makes up your offensive line? Who blocks for you by processing your orders, talking to your customers and following up on delivery? How loyal are they to you? Read more »


Two Sides of the Technology Coin

The other day I was talking to a salesperson I respect very much when he said something that surprised me.
“In my opinion, laptop computers and iPhones hurt my selling more than they help it.”
“How can that be?” I asked. “Communications opportunities with clients and prospects are nearly unlimited now. Doesn’t all the new technology help you become a more efficient communicator?” Read more »


The Ultimate Customer Service Move

The single most valuable thing you can do to endear yourself to your customer is to introduce him or her to someone who might become a customer of theirs!