Speaking & Consulting Testimonials

“Rick, Thank you for being part of the Highwoods leasing conference.  You received rave reviews from our leasing force, many commenting that you were the best speaker we have ever had.”

Justin Parker, Highwoods



“Of all the advisors I’ve brought to our marketing and sales efforts, these folks have by far the biggest impact.  Their character, Mr. Shmooze, is my hero!  He lives passionately and brings joy to everyone he meets.  What a perfect prescription for happiness and success.”

Kevin Cushing, CEO, AlphaGraphics



“You will be interested to know that due to your program last Thursday night, I made a point to compliment the facilities person (on the furniture inventory she prepared) with PepsiAmericas Friday morning when we did a Mart tour for furniture, First time I met her and we hit it off. Thanks!!!!”

Henry Horn, Principal, Henry Horn Design



“I enjoyed all that you shared with us today! Thank you again. YOU made a lasting impression and gave many of us Brokers hope to hang in there, but most of all reminded us what counts the most in selling…Making our clients feel better than they did before talking with them or meeting them for he first time!  I plan to put these things into action.” Highest regards,

Teresa Tschida, LandCor Cos



“Dear Rick:  I wanted to tell you how thrilled I was to have you speak at our employees meeting on Friday.  Buchanan does an excellent job of keeping its partners introduced to a wide variety of excellent books, management trainers and other inspirational speakers.  I wanted you to know that of all those to whom I have been introduced by Buchanan, I have felt most connected to your message through your excellent book, the fun weekly e-mail that I get from you on Mondays and through your personal appearance.”

Jim Ebert, Senior Vice President, Buchanan Street Partners



“Hello Sir, Not sure that you remember me but, I will remember you for life.  You made a huge impact on my momentum.  I just wanted to extend a huge thank you and  I look forward to seeing you teach a full seminar soon.  Thank you again Richard.”

Zach Wright, AlphaGraphics



Book Testimonials

“I have just finished my third reading of Mr. Shmooze.  It is a gem, and your insights are valuable and compel action.  I read a few pages every morning to jump start my day.”

Peter J. Dugan, CB Richard Ellis



“Love the book!!!  I don’t often write authors of books to congratulate them on a well written book but yours is the exception. Congrats and thanks… Mr. Shmooze has given me some great tips to use for my own relationship building techniques.”

Marc Richman, CEO, For Any Occasion, Inc.



“Like many successful marketing mavens, I’m skeptical of thin ‘guru’ books. However, I was bored out of my mind at an airport when I bought a copy of Mr. Shmooze to get a little reinforcement for stuff I figured I already knew. Wow! Like the golfer in one of your stories, I had practiced many of the techniques contained in your book. Yet, I had never “elevated” every aspect of my game like Shmooze! I’ve resolved to make that my new mission in life.  Now I’m buying copies for everyone on my team, so that together we can Shmooze our way to the very top… and have more fun than ever in the process! Thanks for sharing the secret!”

David A. Stedman, President/CEO, The Alliance



“The chapter on ‘elevation’ alone is worth ten times (actually, many, many times) the price of this book and if a sales professional learned this lesson alone and no more, they would see their production rise significantly.”

Bob Burg, Author of Endless Referrals and Winning Without Intimidation



“I took [Mr. Shmooze] to the health club with me and was so engrossed in reading it that I didn’t even notice that the hour-long program on the elliptical trainer had ended!  I was so electrified by the book that I am purchasing a few copies for people [I know] who could truly benefit.  …Thank you for your inspiration!”

Debby Cernich, Corporate Trainer & Franchise Development Consultant, RE/MAX



“I just wanted to tell you about what happened with your book.  I was at a conference in Palm Springs for By Referral Only, called ‘The Main Event,’ in January.  It was very inspiring, because I was just beginning a career in real estate sales in Michigan.  As I was waiting for the flight, I browsed the gift shop for some reading material and found your book.  I bought it and read it completely that day.

I called my partner as soon as I got back, and gave him the book.  Later that week, he spoke with his coach at By Referral, and told her about the book.  She shared the information with her colleagues and they bought it, do seminars on it, and train their staff using it!

How a little act can end up affecting so many!  Thanks for your inspiration!”

Merrilee Anderson, Agent, Real Estate One



“I love this book!  I am a business coach and currently work with folks in the real estate, financial planning and mortgage industries. I have asked each of my members to buy this book for themselves and their staffs.  Building relationships is the most important service a salesperson or consultant can provide. We teach ‘showing up as a caring consultant,’ ‘living the 7 principles of referability,’ and ‘purposely raising the bar’-what Mr. Shmooze would call ‘elevating who you are personally and professionally.’  Thank you!”

Karen Doll, Success Coach, ByReferralOnly.com



“An extraordinary look at what happens psychologically when a salesperson and a customer form a deep bond of trust. …Remarkable insight!”

Neil Witmer, PhD, Partner, Witmer & Associates Inc.



“Shmoozing is a lost art. It is, essentially, the art of thoughtfulness. Too often we don’t take as much time or give our full effort anymore, but if we follow the lead of Mr. Shmooze, we can all achieve our goals!”

Stephan Perrault, Principal, Wellspring Creative Communications



“I didn’t understand how one could combine sales and relationships and make them flourish until I read your book.  It really made me think deeply about how you can make sales something other than a ‘dirty word.’  I am going to use all of the lessons and pass them on to my fellow salesmen.  Thank you for the book and inspiration!”

Alan Simpson, Director of Media Relations, Manchester Wolves



“Once I started [Mr. Shmooze], I couldn’t put it down!”

John Eiffert, President, AlphaGraphics Chicago



“I picked up your book at the airport and found it very inspiring to the mind.  As a company this is the very paradigm that we try to create for our consumers and staff.  I will personally feel more empowered after reading your book and again wanted to thank you for the great story.”

Adam Sedlack, Regional Vice President, 24 Hour Fitness



“I read Mr. Shmooze last night and I absolutely loved it!  The book is a great example for one of our classes called Mastery of Sales.  I can’t wait to tell my next loan originator class about the book.  We received our order of 100 books yesterday. I’m sure we will sell them very easily.  I liked the fact that I could read the book in one sitting.  As busy as we all are these days, it’s nice to finish something you start!  Let me know if you are ever speaking in or near Atlanta.  I would love to come see you in action.  …  Great job on the book!”

Kim Beckett, Lead Instructor, XINNIX®, The Academy Of Excellence



“I found [Mr. Shmooze] to be both educational and entertaining.  I like the way you kept the book short (makes for an easy read) and yet had plenty of time to get your points across.  I will certainly recommend it to my friends.”

Mike Klockenga, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, DHR Executive Search



“Mr. Abraham, I had the extreme pleasure of reading your book ‘Mr. Shmooze’ this weekend. I have to say thank you for this wonderful read about selling and relationships. This philosophy of relationship building and optimism rings true in my approach in life as well as my job. I will pass this book on to many of my friends.  Thank You!”

Matt Avant



“I loved the book! Being a sales rep for thirty years, I thought that I was the consummate Mr. Shmooze. Well, I don’t hold a candle to this man. Thank You!”

Michael More, Representative, Furniture Company



“I just finished reading your book, Mr. Shmooze, and found it not only to be extremely relevant to my business in the lending industry, but it has given me the encouragement to continue doing some of the things which I have implemented in my sales career.  The book has also given me new ideas on how I can give that ‘mint on the pillow’ service to my clients.”

“My entire office will be discussing Mr. Shmooze chapter by chapter next week. …I also would like you to know that I have sent a copy of Mr. Shmooze to a friend of mine who has a business in Yuma, Arizona….  I wanted his employees to read Mr. Shmooze so they could be encouraged in their sales careers and for them to know that they are reading a highly relevant book on sales. Wishing you Great Selling!”

David Bourbinay, Senior Mortgage Planner, CTX Mortgage Company, a division of Centex Corporation



“I thoroughly enjoyed and more importantly got a great deal out of your book, Mr. Shmooze…. Ultimately what you outlined so clearly in the book is what selling is all about.”

Bob Moonan, The Hibbert Group



“I loved the book!”

Charlie Jewett, Jewett Financial Services



“Wow. Buy this book, no matter who you are or how you make your living. I actually complained to the cashier at the bookstore about the price of this book, but now I realize this book is worth it’s price x $1,000 and surely more, over time. A quarter of the way through the book I felt my perspective on all of my current relationships start to change dramatically, and while I was reading the book, I had to take down notes of all the new ideas I was getting about how to relate to my friends, family and acquaintances. Less than 24 hours after finishing the book, I am relating to people in a very different way, and noticing how much more warm they are toward me in return. Talk about results.”

Diana Cale, Mom/Musician/Consultant



“Mr. Shmooze is an inspiration! It’s fun to read and sheds wonderful new light on the art and science of relationship building. This is a first-rate educational book for everyone in business—from those just beginning to seasoned professionals.”

Beth Treacy, President, Treacy Marketing Group



“Loved the book! Thanks for giving me and our team some great clarity and vision to the “art” of relationship-building we often overlook.”

Dan Cookson, CEO, TrueNorthLogic



“I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your book Mr. Shmooze! I have run an internal sales desk in the past and currently my CSRs (Client Service Representatives) all have aspirations of careers in sales. I plan on using your book with them so they are better prepared when the opportunity arises for them to advance their careers. I have already shown your book today to my boss, who is our National Sales Manager. I told him it would be a great book to get in the hands of our wholesalers at our upcoming national sales meeting.”

“If I read this correctly you are just down the road in Oakbrook, correct? If that is the case there maybe a good opportunity to do some networking, Mr. Shmooze-style, with our firm. I’d be interested in seeing what options we could pursue. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the book! Thanks.”

Brian Waeyaert, Director of Client Services, Calamos Investments



“Absolutely loved your book. Could not put it down … Enjoyed it and learned a lot about sales and human nature from it. Congrats …”

Peter G. BowlegDocuTEAm Company