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Welcome to the World of Selling at the Highest Level!

Richard Abraham.

Author of Mr. Shmooze.

I have worked with companies and salespeople throughout the world on the art and science of selling through relationships. Mr. Shmooze is the lead character in my best selling book and my alter ego who teaches us how to live, love, laugh and, oh by the way, sell, in ways that create lifetime loyalty.

No Fat. No Frills. This is How I Roll!

Keynote Speech

Light up your sales team in person with The Best Damn Sales Speech of All Time keynote.

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Virtual Presentation

Fire up your sales team online via Zoom with The Best Damn Sales Webinar Ever.

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Sales Coaching

Enroll in an intense, 6-12 month coaching experience in Selling Through Relationships.

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Strategic Advisory

Shake up & fix your overall sales program to recruit, hire and train the best salespeople.