Turn Your Prospect Upside Down

Glass ball that shows landscape upside down

Want to have a little fun and stand out with a prospect who you know is creative and has a sense of humor?

 Send a letter printed “upside down” on your stationery that goes something like this.

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The Psychology of “NO”

business woman and male colleague listening to a sales pitch

For such a small word, it is amazing how much power the word “no” carries in our language. “No” can completely short circuit a conversation. “No” can stifle creativity and stop collaboration cold. “No” can harken back to all sorts of negative emotional experiences, even some we cannot consciously remember.

In improvisation classes, such as those taught by Second City, participants are taught to never use the word “no” since it interrupts and throws cold water on the improv/communication process. Rather, the students are asked to help each other build scenes and stories together by adding to, rather than blocking, the next round of give and take.

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Calming Down to Think (and Sell) Clearly

man sitting at his desk taking a deep breath to calm down

We can all learn a lot about communications during the current Covid/Economy/Civil unrest situations. Emotions are obviously running incredibly high and communication can be shrill, inconsistent and fearful. But of course, that only adds to the stress in a self-fulfilling cycle.

As salespeople, you can also encounter high-stress situations during the sales cycle, often near the closing when emotions may be highest. When emotions are running high, including your own when an important sale is on the line, it is often in your best interest to not take the emotional bait and to actually become the calming voice in the discourse.

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A Reminder to K.I.S.S.

Keep it simple stupid

When preparing for sales calls or presentations, salespeople often forget to K.I.S.S . . . Keep it Simple Stupid.

Salespeople, as a rule, talk too much. WAY too much. One study determined that on a typical sales call salespeople talk 78% of the time. That is not collaboration. That is domination . . . and buyers don’t like it.

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Turn a Price Objection Around

scale with value higher than price

One way to face off with a price objection when a prospect points to a competitor whom they say is offering a lower price, is to politely ask the client to define the value and benefits the competitor is offering at that price point.

This is a great way of moving off the numbers and getting the client to think about real, apples-to-apples value.

Let’s say, for example, that you are selling IT services and you ask the prospect to describe the competitor’s less expensive bundle of benefits. The prospect now needs to, in effect, sell you by recalling the competitor’s program, and when you spot an opening, you can say something like,

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The Importance of Collaborative Teamwork

sales meeting using video conferencing

While we are all more isolated than we would like to be these days, we need to keep jumping on the phone or video conferencing to solve problems and generate creativity with our colleagues. Here’s why.

In our workshops we always open up with a parlor game called Boggle. Boggle features a square jumble of letters we put up for everyone to see. Each person individually has five minutes to write down as many words that can be formed by connecting the letters in various ways . . . up, down, sideways, diagonal etc.

After five minutes we go around the room. The first person reads all the words that popped out to her – say ten – everybody crosses those words off their lists. Then, we go to the next person and ask if he can add any more – usually another seven to ten. Then, the third person adds another five or six and so on.

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The Psychology of Engagement

Business man and women engaging in a business meeting outside

It’s well-established that in school, students learn faster and retain information much better when they are interacting with the material rather than just hearing a lecture. The exact same dynamic applies to selling.

You can dramatically increase your odds of capturing prospects’ intellectual attention and emotional engagement if you can evolve your sales communications from “presentations” into “experiences” in which the prospects become part of the conversation.

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Engaging as Salespeople During These Stressful Times

Sign saying "a positive thought in the morning can change your whole day"

I’m sure you are very interested in how best to communicate with prospects and clients during today’s hyper-stressful times. As salespeople, you certainly do not want to be trite or minimize things because everybody is processing the situation differently and peoples’ individual challenges can vary enormously. But you have to do your job.

So, how do you navigate these tricky waters?

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Implementing “The Pause” in Sales Conversations

Man presenting to a crowd with a projection screen behind him

The big engine is revving back up in many industries. Let’s get back to some selling tips.

Some of the best salespeople in the world are trial lawyers. The best ones are excellent communicators and they make it look natural, but make no mistake, they have had a ton of training and they rehearse their “pitches” to the jury down to the finest detail in what is called “moot court.” Moot court is set up in a studio that simulates a court room including opposing counsel, judge and jury. Nothing is left to chance.

One of the tips trial lawyers are taught is the emotional value of “the pause.” The pause goes something like this.

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Elevating Your Client Relationships Amid a Crisis

Hello everybody,

We ceased our weekly blog during the month of April because, frankly, we are all receiving so many emails these days that are not really “value add” and we just did not want to be part of that avalanche of information. 

Our job is to help you build relationships and sell more/better and we figured you had enough on your plate this past month without our take on world affairs.

But the world economy is slowly starting to crank back up again, and it is time for you, as a salesperson, to start planning ahead and looking over the horizon when the supply chain will surely repair itself.

So, let’s get into the thick of it again, together.

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Taking a Passionate Interest in Our Clients

One of the fellows who inspired my book, “Mr Shmooze,” likes to tell his salespeople:

“If you know a customer’s passion, and pay attention to it, you can find the key to any client’s heart.”

And do you want to know what is so great about people, which presents aware salespeople like us endless relationship growing opportunities?

The almost infinite amount of passions our clients have! All we have to do is ask.

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Relationship Selling is Key, Even During a Crisis

businessmen sitting in front of a computer

There is a mirror image, a flipside if you will, to the challenges the current economy brings to you as salespeople.

That is, it is the best time in years to take customers away from your competitors and here is why.

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