Suite of Services

person holding a pen, waiting to take action

Keynote Speech

Richard Abraham’s keynote speech is the ultimate Mr. Shmooze experience. Designed for sales team gatherings, this one-hour, in-person presentation is unlike any other keynote you have ever attended. It is powerful, inspiring and loaded with real-life anecdotes gathered from the “best of the best” salespeople around the world with an unlimited Q&A at the end.

Virtual Presentation

Thanks to today’s evolving technology, Richard Abraham is able to bring the same level of intimacy and excitement to your sales team that he does in his keynote speech via webcast. This 90-minute online immersion gets into the minds and hearts of the world’s most prodigious salespeople, how they approach their craft and how they dominate their markets. This presentation also includes an exclusive “lightening round” where Mr. Abraham presents 30 hot selling tips gathered from top salespeople with an emphases on the deep psychology of selling.

Sales Coaching

If you are interested in experiencing an individual or small group interaction with Richard Abraham, his sales coaching program may be a powerful option for you. This is an intimate yet intense, 6 to 12 month coaching experience that includes personal weekly calls with Mr. Abraham. The entire program is centered around a combination of powerful books, Mr. Abraham has selected from his sales and marketing library, as well as customized input on daily and weekly business pursuits.

Strategic Advisory Program

If you are building a new sales team or looking to expand your current team, Richard Abraham’s strategic advisory program may be a powerful solution. Mr. Abraham will challenge you and get you thinking and acting way outside the box with new and unique strategies for recruiting, interviewing, onboarding and training high-performance salespeople.